Corn Producers and Distributors in Spain - Algosur

Corn Producers and Distributors in Spain

From ALGOSUR, within the “New Snacks Crops” program, we have started the development of the corn program according to its use as popcorn (popcorn) or fried (waxy). Our trials have more than 20 varieties from different origins that allow us to evaluate which germplasms will be the best agronomically adapted and which ones are most interesting for packers based on their physical and organoleptic characteristics.

Corn Producers and Distributors in Spain - Algosur

Popcorn type corn

Popcorn is called the grain of corn once exploited.

Basically there are two types:

1.- Butterfly: this type provides a fluffy rosette with tender wings projected from within the grain. Depending on the variety of corn, the popcorn butterfly generates different types of expansion that is measured with the acronym MWVT (Metric Weight Volumetric Tester) and represents the number of cubic centimeters of exploited corn for each gram of unexploded corn. The higher the MWVT level, the larger the volume of exploited corn will be.

2.- Mushroom: this type of popcorn is denser and more compact than the butterfly. It has a rounded shape and does not have protruding wings. They are also consumed colored and with different flavors.

WAXY corn

“Waxy” corn, also called “waxy” corn, is a corn whose starch is made up of practically 100% amylopectin while a conventional corn presents around 75% amylopectin. The main use of waxy corn starch is for prepared products (sauces, soups, dairy desserts, ready meals, appetizers, baby dishes, etc). The advantage of waxy corn over classic corn is that its starch does not lose its properties after the freezing and thawing process.

In our country both segments of corn, waxy and popcorn, are growing within the Nuts and Snacks market.

Corn Producers and Distributors in Spain - Algosur