Algosur - Algosur


Algosur is an agribusiness group specialising in research, production, processing and marketing of a number of extensive crops, including cotton, industrial tomato, confectionary sunflower seed, quinoa, popcorn and waxy maize.

Algosur also boasts various divisions focusing on animal feed, vitroplant production and research for ongoing projects and distribution of phytosanitary products.

Intense research is the cornerstone of all activities developed by our project teams.

Algosur, who specialises in bringing value to existing crops and developing and introducing new crops in the Guadalquivir Valley, manages and processes the production of some 30,000 hectares of irrigated agricultural land. This means that our agribusiness brand is closely linked to the farming area. This synergy makes it even more essential that experts in each division have the necessary knowledge to support the farmers throughout the season, from sowing to harvesting.

Algosur ensures quality, food safety and traceability for all its products, in compliance with the most stringent international quality standards and seals.

The cornerstones of Algosur’s success are traceability assurances for customers, continued investment in innovation and research to improve existing crops and adapt new ones to local conditions, and unwavering commitment to the farming area.

Based in Lebrija (Seville), it has processing plants in Lebrija, Pinzón, Los Palacios and El Trobal, and multiple logistics centres distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

The company has a markedly international and export-oriented profile, operating in all continents.

In line with corporate principles and values, Algosur has Quality, Environment and Safety and Health policies in place in all its subsidiaries.