Sustainability - Algosur


Since its founding, Algosur has sought to provide to the industry a wide variety of products, with a strong focus on food safety and quality, enabled through an innovative traceability program that coordinates and records all agricultural, processing, packaging, logistics and laboratory control processes.

The cornerstones of Algosur’s success are traceability assurances for customers, continued investment in innovation and research to improve existing crops and adapt new ones to local conditions, and unwavering commitment to the farming area, that is why Algosur views its sustainability programs and farmer support as a source of competitive advantage. Those programs are also a potentially important contributor to sustainable development and the achievement of public ambitions to address environmental issues.

Algosur, who specializes in bringing value to existing crops and developing and introducing new crops in the Guadalquivir Valley creates value for farmers and positive impact in the area where it operates.

Quality, innovation and food safety are the hallmarks of our products. All agricultural control, processing, packaging, logistics and laboratory records are registered in and tracked by our new traceability programme, thus ensuring no requirements are overlooked. The traceability programme meets food safety objectives, ensuring consumers to trace the origins of the end product.

None of this would be possible without a highly qualified and professional team. Our group of experts painstakingly monitor every phase of the production process, from seed to market.

Inspired by its motto “Quality in all fields”, Algosur’s operation and management systems seek to provide its customers a product of the highest quality and food safety standards. To do so, it has an innovative traceability system that integrates and controls all relevant departments, including agriculture, manufacturing, laboratory and logistics.

ALGOSUR’S traceability system fully meets the objectives required by food safety standards, ensuring product traceability from planting to the end product. This allows Algosur to provide its customers with safe, high-quality, food products that are fully compliant with traceability, hygiene, occupational safety and environmental legislation and business ethics. Certification serves as a language that enables consistent values to be communicated up and down the supply chain. Thus, our agricultural production is certified integrated production with strict controls of environmental management and agricultural conditionality. Furthermore, all products are certified by international food quality certification.