Vitroplants - Algosur


Algosur works with Vitrosur Lab S.L.U. to produce healthy plants for research and production.

The plant production area has the capacity to produce 10 million plants, bulbs and microtubers per year. Together, both areas are in charge of demonstrating the possibility of taking research from the laboratory to the field.

The laboratory develops in vitro plants and potato microtubers and works on in vitro propagation of stevia, pineapple, eucalyptus, etc.

Vitrosur Lab also works on “biofactory” projects tailored to our customer’s production capacity. We provide turn-key transfer of facilities and start-up of Plant Production Laboratories.

This service includes an economic assessment of the investment; consultation and approval of the Plant Production Laboratory construction project; support for the installation of equipment and supervision of construction work; staff training; supervision and putting into operation of the plant.